Putting more
power to
the track

Straight to Target, Without Detour

Business - technology - biology


L&M provides immediately available interdisciplinary experience, a broad range of product and application knowledge as well as an excellent international network.

Successfully self-employed since 2004 a unique symbiosis between business, biology and explanatory laboratory equipment, environmental and medical technologies form the basis of our business.

15+ years in management and executive leadership of Sales, Marketing and Product Management at Heraeus, Kendro, Vötsch and Berchtold as well as a Degree in Biology of the University of Heidelberg and an apprenticeship as a Toolmaker are the solid foundation of L&M.

Having learnt to sell in the field, our focus lies on “helping sales sell” in every phase of a product life cycle.

L&M’s proven track record of success in Product Management and Marketing is based on implementing this concept in our strategies, product developments, sales trainings and global market launches.

Assignments in USA and Australasia round off our profile.